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Domino gives its customers the ability to code, mark, address, decorate or personalise through a wide range of coding and marking solutions.

This allows them to add fully variable alpha numeric, graphics and machine readable codes to products or packaging in real time. Ink jet printers have always featured prominently within the range of Domino products (CIJ ink jet is of course where Domino started!) – and these printers are complemented with a wide range of market-leading ink products. We develop and test our inks in close combination with our printer products to assure excellent performance of the ‘ink-in-printer’ combination. This assures our customers of world-class performance of the printed code on their products.


Reliable coding in a wide range of sectors

Our products are used in many sectors including food, beverage and dairy; pharmaceutical and healthcare; industrial and construction including cable and wire and extrusion, and electronic and aerospace components, and printing. For these sectors in addition to offering inks with the right end-user properties (EUPs), we also have many industry-specific approvals or declarations.

Approvals and Certifications

These include EUPIA compliance for food packaging; EU and FDA compliance for direct food contact, including Kosher approval. For the electronics sector we have a range of inks with declarations for their heavy metal-free and halogen-free status, along with approvals from a number of key aerospace companies. Across this wide range of sectors, products are often coded on similar production lines including conveyors; traversers; cable, wire and harnesses; and labelling, shrink wrap and packing lines.

Products coded can be discrete, such as bottles, or continuous such as vertical form fill and seal (VFFS). Each of these also place demands on the ink/printer combination – and we understand these well! With over 200,000 printers installed worldwide we have a very broad experience in varied applications as well as a good pedigree supporting a wide range of multinational, regional and national companies – as well as small companies who are equally important!

Reliable coding in a wide range of customer conditions

For our A-Series CIJ printers, we offer Advanced (or i-Tech), Specialist and Customer inks. Advanced (or i-Tech) inks are proven, high-reliability, versatile general purpose inks and typically available across a wide range of printer configurations. Specialist inks include foodgrade for direct food contact; colour change inks for retort (steam sterilisation) processes; invisible fluorescent inks, removable inks for returnable bottles and white inks for opaque codes. Any special attention needed to assure good in-printer performance of these inks is well defined in order to give good reliability. The Custom inks are products developed for a particular sector of customer requirement, and are initially proven for the particular application. We have many Custom inks which over time are much more widely adopted and are ‘promoted’ to Specialist or Custom.

Wide range of Substrates

Our customers also code onto a wide range of substrate materials. These include ‘traditional’ materials like steel, tin, aluminium and glass – as well as an ever-increasing range of more challenging materials such as plastics including ABS, acrylic, BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, polyethylene, polystyrene, PP, PVC, PP, PET and Nylon. And with flexible plastics, for example, customers often do not know for sure what material constitutes the the ‘top layer’ of a flexible plastic laminate. Another important aspect is understanding our customers pre-coding, during-coding and post-coding processes. Examples include corona discharge for cable coding pre-coding; presence of dust or condensation during coding; or after coding resisting a retort (steam sterilisation) process, or an IPA wash processes for electronics, or demanding lightfastness/fade resistance for products use.

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A-Series i-Tech

CIJ i-Tech consumables 

Lowering the total cost of CIJ printing

A-Series Specialist

CIJ specialist consumables

Clean and simple to change with no electronic waste


Valve jet consumables

Reliable water based inks for porous surfaces

C-Series Plus

Piezo inkjet consumables

Efficient, long-lasting performance - for production at full capacity

FE - Fume Extraction / DPX

FE-Fume Extraction filters

Laser Fume extraction filters

Efficient, long-lasting performance - for production at full capacity


TIJ consumables

TIJ Inks to code onto multiple substrates



PALM consumables

Quality consumables for great print quality every time

Macrojet / Casecoder

Casecoder Consumables

Large character inkjet consumables


TTO consumables

Great prints, less downtime and lower costs

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