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Flexo or Digital? That is the question…

The future profitability of your business could be hanging in the balance!




  • If 80% of your print runs are < than 3000m…

  • If managing SKUs is an increasing problem for you…

  • If you want to lower your production costs in terms of money, time, manpower and waste…     

  • If your customers want consistent, vibrant colours that bring their products to life…

  • If your customers want a cost effective, highly opaque ‘screen-like’ white…

  • Are your customers really happy with a 2-5 day lead time?

  • If your customers want more personalisation...

Then the Domino N610i is your solution!

N610i - Digital Printing 

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to find out how the Domino N610i can improve the profitability of your business


And don't just take our word for it:
hear what our customers have to say...


“Scrap and labor savings, since moving this job to the Domino, is huge. With the Domino we can run in one hour what we used to run in an entire shift with flexo.” 
Dave Ferguson, President, McCourt Label USA


“Before our investment in the Domino press, digital print used to account for 2-3% of our business. It now stands at 98%.”

Barry Lewis, President, Managing Director, Reel Appeal, UK


“If we compare the productivity between traditional presses and the Domino that we have, printing the jobs is incomparable. If we print four jobs using traditional printing, in the same time, we will print ten with the Domino.”
Christophe Quirantes, Commercial Director, QRT Graphique, France